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Emir Caner and The Quran , a response to his PDF.

By Chaud 

The Quran Vs The Bible

Note : A special thanks to for posting my responses to Ergun Caner's PDF's , with my permission brother Muhammad Khan elaborated on my points with extra details , you can view his version of the articles here

I always thought Emir Caner is a less messed up version of his older brother Ergun but after reading this PDF on Emir's website , my views radically changed , he is as ignorant as his brother Ergun.

Emir allegedly read the Quran since he was a "former Sunni Muslim" , is this true ? Lets find out.

Note : In this article I will not respond to his general defense of the bible , the purpose of this article is to prove Emir never read the Quran nor is he familiar of the fundamental basis of Quranic scholarship  , however I will respond to what I find absurd or goes against mainstream bible scholarship.

Emir Caner's PDF says :

"The Quran...114 Surahs (Chapters) written according to length (6616 verses)." 

Is this some kind of sick joke ?

Emir NEVER read the Quran , if he did he would have known that the shortest Sura in the Quran is Sura 108 yet it is not the final Sura , Sura 103 is shorter than Sura 114....etc  , Muslim children know this but the "former devout Sunni Muslim" does not.

This proves that Emir never read the Quran properly.

Emir Caner's PDF says :

"The Quran...Muhammed doubted revelation given to him at first,even considering it potentially demonic.
(Surah 2:23)."

So what ? Muhammad (pbuh) is a man , just like any one of us , if you encounter the super natural you will be afraid , scared , doubting...etc

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived in a society that was strictly pagan , if anything super natural happens they would say "SATAN DID IT ! DEMONS DID IT !" , but Emir does not mention what happened next , how the Angel Gabrial himself came to him afterward , introduced himself ,informed him that the revelation he received is from God and of his divine mission.

Emir Caner's PDF says : 

"The Bible...Though some like Abraham doubted whether the prophecies would come true, no inspired author doubted the source from which it came — God. "

Let me try to get this straight , someone who was inspired by God and knew it was from God DOUBTED the prophecies ? Does this make sense to anyone ? If Abraham (pbuh) allegedly doubted the prophecies , that means he allegedly doubted the authenticity of the revelation , HE DOUBTED GOD ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE.

How can Emir boastfully claim no "inspired" author doubted his "revelation" ? Emir doesn't know who the authors are ! we can't examine their lives , personality and sincerity therefore Emir can not make this claim , please read this , since Emir is a bible scholar I will assume he follows the modern SCHOLARLY VIEW , unless he follows the debunked traditional view.

Add to that , some of these "inspired" authors did not know they were inspired by the holy spirit nor did they claim to be , take author of Luke for example :

"Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus" [Luke 1:3]

The author of Luke was writing down his findings , he did not believe he was writing an inspired Gospel.

Emir Caner's PDF says :

"The Qur’an is the ultimate miracle or God, the only miracle that Muhammed claimed.(Surah 10:38; 17:88)"

Did you all notice something weird ? lets quote again:

"The Qur’an is the ultimate miracle or God"

Muslims do not believe the Quran is God ! Emir could have possibly made a spelling error and used "or" instead of "of" , however I think Emir believes Muslims believe The Quran is God because he is ignorant enough to believe it , in the end he is the one who claimes that Shk.Abdul Wahab was a prophet.

Emir Caner's PDF says : 

"The Qur’an has been perfectly preserved.(Surah 15:9). Ironically, Arthur Jeffery, in Materials for the History of the Text of the Qur’an, demonstrates that the compilation of the Qur’an required editing."

Emir is so desperate , he can't quote Muslim sources ! we have every single detail of the compilation of the Quran documented in our authentic sources , yet Emir mentions Arthur Jeffery , this is sad.

Please watch this debate between brother Bassam Zawadi and another fake ex muslim Nabeel Qureshi on the preservation of the Quran , Nabeel uses the exact same argument and gets exposed.

Emir Caner's PDF says : 

"The Bible has been perfectly preserved in its original manuscripts. The problem is not lack of evidence, by the vast amount of copies, a few of which may differ."

We already know that the manuscripts are contradictory , but did you all notice what Emir did ?

"The Bible has been perfectly preserved in its original manuscripts."

Ok , let me assume this is true , can Emir show me these manuscripts ? the answer is no , all he can show is flawed copies of copies of copies....of the original but no original , how can this possibly establish a case for perfect preservation like the Quran does ?

This is how Emir's argument sounds like :

"Well , there are errors in the bible we have today because of the contradictory copies , but there is a lost document that contains the original ! "

Please read this brief article.

Emir Caner's PDF says :

"The Qur’an claims to be consistent and noncontradictory — fully unified. Yet Muhammed changed some revelations, claiming better inspiration.(Surah 24:2; 53:21-23) "

First of all there is no evidence that prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was changing his revelation , no serious historian makes that claim , however ignorant Islamophobes do.

Second , Emir is referring the doctrine of abrogation , which deals with temporary Sharia' laws , for more please consult this post.

Emir Caner's PDF says :

"The Bible, written over a period of 1500 years with 40 different authors, has no discrepancies. Simply put, Scripture interprets Scripture."

Can Emir show me these 40 authors ? he definitely can't.

Has no discrepancies ? I doubt that.

Emir ends his ridiculous PDF with these 2 verses :

"Surah 10:94 If you were in doubt as to what We have revealed to you, then ask those who have been reading the Book from before you: the Truth has indeed come to you from your Lord: so be in no wise of those in doubt."

Does Emir actually think we Muslims (or at least Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)) are ordered to ask the Jews and Christians on the revelation of the Quran if we are in doubt , absolutely not !

First of all there is no evidence that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked the Jews and Christians to verify the revelation of the Quran for him , which means he did not understand this verse to mean what Emir wants it to mean.

Second , we know the response of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) he said according to Ibn Kathir in his commentary :

Qutadah bin Dua'am said we have recieved that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said : "I have no doubts" , this has reported through Ibn Abbas , Said bin Jubair and Al-Hassan Al-Basri as well.

This same response in mentioned by Al-Jalalyn , At-Tabari and Al-Qurtubi.

I can honestly say Emir never read any of the major commentaries on the Quran as well.

"II Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God (Godbreathed), and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work."

Paul is referring to the Old Testament since the New Testament didn't exist went he wrote that , even if a Christian wants to argue this refers to the New Testament as well , this does not change the fact that the criteria given by Paul himself debunks their case.

Late Shk.Ahmed Deedat (rahamt allah a'lyhi) in his debate with Dr.Anis Shorrosh on the Quran and the Bible mentions this verse :

"One day Samson went to Gaza, where he saw a prostitute. He went in to spend the night with her." [Judges 16:1]

and he wonders:
-where is the doctrine ? does Christianity teach that when you see a prostitute , you spend the night with her ?
-where is the reproof ? did God punish Samson for his action ?
-where is correction ? did God tell Samson to marry her then he can spend the night with her ?
-where is the instruction in righteousness ? THERE IS NON !

Many stories in the do not fall into any of these 4 categories , thus according to Paul they are not inspired.


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