Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Evidence Proving That Ergun Caner Is A Fake [Introduction]

By Chaud  

Fake Ex-Muslim "Dr".Ergun Caner has demonstrated his ignorance of Islam and the Arabic language on several occasions , the case is closed and the verdict is out , Ergun Caner is a fraud , in this article series I am going to provide more evidence to support this fact from the RESOURCE PDFs published on his website.

I will prove that Ergun's publications are full of misquotations ,anti-islamic propaganda and factual errors , most of the errors and arguments in these PDFs are not made by former Muslims since they actually know the Quran and what it teaches , unlike Ergun Caner.

Please navigate with the links above and start with " Glossary of Arabic Terms " because it contains a great deal of the evidence.

  1.  Some of these PDFs are published on John Ankerberg's website here , this shows that John has no interest in publishing facts rather he is interested in spreading false propaganda.
  2. I am responding the errors in these PDFs , not the whole publication.

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