Monday, February 15, 2010

The Holocaust Card - Norman Finkelstein

This is small clip from "American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein" a documentary about Dr.Norman Finkelstein

I have to say the holocaust card - as the Jews like to play it - does not make sense whatsoever , how does the massacre of people (Jews included) back in World War 2 equals the demand to support Israel (and excuse this satanic entity of a state) in and for its atrocities here and now in 2010 ?

But I have to give the girl my acknowledgment , she is a great actress and the best example brainwashed Zionist .

Frankly I think Zionist Jews should be happy to be called "Nazi" , because by comparison with Nazi Germany , this is a complement .

Quoting user damien from this entry (as if he/she took the words out of my mouth) :

"What the Nazis and the imperialist slaughter of the Jewish people in Europe have to do with the brutalization and occupation of the Palestinians(funded by the US)is truly beyond me.Perhaps people studying at these universities(degree factories) need to each be given a copy of Howard Zinn’s magnum opus and asked to work out how history really works.Very easy really-colonial settler state stealing land,torturing and imprisoning at will = Israel. Oppressed people = Palestinians.The violence of the oppressed should never be compared with the violence of the oppressor.They are not equal.And the constant harking back to World War 2 is just nuts.Are there no other precedents?The war against the Native Americans?The situation in South Africa?The invasion,occupation and dispossession of the Aborigines here in Australia?Of course,these precedents are never referred to as they are not used ad nauseum like the Saving Private Ryan view of history which our ‘betters’ use to blind us to the truth."

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