Friday, March 5, 2010

Arab Muslims Accepting Christianity ? What Christian Authorities Have To Say.

By Chaud

Note before reading : For the record I don't deny that some Arab Muslims become Christians , perhaps 1-5 every year , I do not deny that some converts to Christianity are truthful people , this paper is addressing the frauds only. 

A Special Thanks to for posting my article here on their website , its a website that exposes mainly Dr.Ergun Caner and other fake converts like the ones I speak of in this article , please visit.

The never ending propaganda of evangelical Christians sinks into a new low , now they are claiming Arab Muslims are accepting Christianity in high numbers !

I was browsing youtube , and I discovered its full of videos trying to promote that ARABS are accepting Christianity ,like some of the convert testimonies on "A Muslim Journey To Hope" along with some news reports and random clips.

What we never often hear is what the Arab Christian religious authorities have to say about these "converts" , the following is a document written by a number of Egyptian pastors and priests , it was sent to Anba.Bishoy (Anba : is a high religious position in the Orthodox Coptic Church , equivalent to "bishop" in English. ) a well known authority in the Orthodox Coptic church in Eygpt , he serves as a pastor of several churches ,the secretary of the Holy Counsel and as the President of Saint Dumyanah monastery .

Note : It is claimed by evangelists and christian missionaries that Eygpt contains the highest number of converts to Christianity from Islam.

This is the document in Arabic (click to enlarge) :


 Translation (emphasis,underline and brackets are mine) :

"  Respected Anba.Bishoy , Secretary of The Holy Counsel , Bishop of The Diocese of Dumyat and Al-Barari , President of The Saint Dumyanah monastery. 

Grace and Peace ,
Respected , we have already sent you many letters concerning the converts to Christianity some of our churches are accommodating and welcoming (into their care) , and we demanded your excellency to expel these converts from the care and protection of the Coptic Church for the following reasons :
  1. Some of them accepted Christianity for the sole reason of getting a baptism certificate in order to migrate elsewhere under the claim of religious oppression and persecution , we have sent you via fax a list of their names.
  2. Many of them want to make a high income (off their conversion) thus their acceptance of the Christianity is more like a job than accepting Christianity by faith and conviction , it's not a Church's obligation to support unemployed people who desire a better life without doing any work.
  3. The huge amount of trouble and shameful scandals these converts are involved in , like the involvement of the convert Carmen in a forbidden relation with Boula Fu'ad -The Pastor of The Bilina Church-  and the involvement of Makaree Yunan -The Pasor of The Azbakiyeh Church- in a sexual relationship with the convert Zainab in which her husband the convert Muhammad Hijazi filmed them and blackmailed Father Makaree into paying him , a list of the amounts Muhammad Hijazi blackmailed has been sent to you .
Respected ,  the majority of these converts are of weak and hesitant natures , they are willing to sell their most precious for money ,there is no reason for the Church to protect or support them , there are other Christians who deserve our priority (attention) over these converts ,and I wish knowing that my wish will never come true , if his holiness the Pope can offer Shiek Al-Azhar an exchange of converts , we take one convert and they take ten.

Respected ,We hope you consider the issue of these converts seriously.

Issued on Sep 6th 2008 .  "
    I got nothing more to add , even Christian authorities are noticing that many these "converts" are gold digging frauds with no morals and dignity .

    Can evangelists and missionaries who make all kinds of crazy claims like "Jesus is doing miracles among the Arab Muslims" be as honest as these Coptic priests and church fathers are ? Only time will tell .


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    2. Great work.I have watched apologetic of Islam and Christianity but i never found any Christian apologetic offering good rebuttal in defense.You can guess there are thousands videos available on internet of such nature. Christian Evangelical have performed miserably.