Monday, February 1, 2010

"Islamic Monothiesm And Missionary Desperation" - An Introduction To Up Coming Article Series.

By Chaud 

It seems like missionaries are desperate to find any 'stick' to beat Islam with , some fools are actually making the claim that Muslims are Mushriks (Shirk: Associating God with another in his divinity and attributes) according to Islam or according to common logic , I was scrolling down Daring Question episodes when I saw number of episodes which are implying the same charge ,those episodes are :  

  1. Episode 101 "Muhammad's Divinity In Islamic Dogma"
  2. Episode 133 "Islam And The Trick Of Monotheism" .
  3. Episode 134 "Islam And The Trick Of Monotheism 2".
and because I'm on the same topic I'd like to turn the tables on Rachid and refute the following episode as well : 
  1. Episode 064 "The Concept of "Tawheed" in Christianity". 
 I saw other episodes that can be related and linked to this topic , like their criticism of the Kaba' , Jesus in Islam and Christianity , The Basis of the Incarnation Doctrine...etc , but for now I'll  be dealing with the episodes that go straight into the topic like these 4 episodes I mentioned , the other episodes will be scheduled for a later time .

I find this objection to be hilarious coming from a trinitarian ! and one who is supposedly an ex-muslim , I'll be busy checking out their arguments for a while , See you all later .

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