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Response to "Arabs Don’t Want Palestinian Conflict to End"

By Chaud

Frankly this post is too short and confusing to make such a claim , it goes into different topics which are irrelevant to the Palestinian conflict , however I will do my best in.

"An Egyptian sociologist and the founder of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies in Cairo, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a Muslim, says Arab countries do not want the Israel-Palestinian conflict to end because they have “vested interests.”"

This is wrong , ARAB LEADERS do not want to end this Palestinian conflict , many of these "leaders" are dictators who sold out their own people and allied themselves with western dictatorships and terrorists , but the Arab public view wants to end the conflict.

The truth is that The United States of America , Israel and some country called Micronesia vote against the 2 state settlement every single year while the remaining countries that vote for the 2 state settlement , who REALLY does not want to end the conflict ? The Zionist Jews and their supporters based on their satanic scriptures that teach that God is so racist he has "chosen people" , he kicked out and destroyed nations so his "chosen people" can live happily ever after , I seriously doubt if any Zionist cares about one Palestinian because in the Zionist ideology the end of the conflict is to destroy the Palestinians , no wonder Arabs and Muslims reject such a state and such an ideology.

"these countries were the architects of the present-day nightmares that Israelis and Palestinians live through. They urged Palestinian leaders to reject the two-state solution in 1947, resulting into Palestinians living as refugees in their own land." 

Lets examine this western propaganda influenced lie.

1- Why on earth should the Palestinians or Arab countries accept the 2 state solution of 1947 ? There is no good reason and no decent human being on this planet will accept such an injustice if he/she was in that situation , just because a number of Jews "survived" the so called "holocaust" and migrated to Palestine does not entitle these Jews and the Jews abroad to have a state of their own on land that doesn't belong to them , therefore I do not any fault in rejected this so called solution at that time.

2-Palestinians live as refugees in their lands BECAUSE THE ZIONISTS STOLE THEIR LAND , COMMIT ALL KINDS OF TORTURE  ,GENOCIDE AND TERRORISM AGAINST THEM , is this the result of rejecting an unfair agreement , or is it the result of western supported Zionist-Jewish terrorism ?

3-The architects of the current nightmare Palestinians and non-zionist Jews live are no more than the creators and supporters of the satanic state of Israel itself.

For Hussein to successfully launch this lie , he must show us that the 2 state solution of 1947 was the best solution for its time and by rejecting it the Arab leaders are directly responsible for the current conflict, that Jews actually have a right to establish their own state on Palestinian lands WITHOUT appealing to ancient Judea and the Jewish existence in the land before the Romans kicked them out because events that happened 2000 years ago are not valid arguments to create a whole new state and dislocate it's people today , let alone all the terrorism committed against them.

"I went to school with some Palestinian Muslims and Christians. Some of them still live in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. I hope and pray for this conflict to end soon." 

So do I.

"I believe that Israel has a right to be a country in the Middle East." 

I believe the satanic state of Israel does not have a right to exist as a country in the Middle East , it never did and will , and I am not convinced by the argument Zionist apologists use.

"and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ does NOT depend on the rebuilding of the Temple on the Temple Mount."

Here is where it gets confusing , I thought Hussein supports the satanic state of Israel's existence (frankly I think he does that because he is anti-Muslim , not because he is an objective thinker when it comes to politics) , anyone who supports the satanic state of Israel is a Zionist , however Hussein is distancing himself away the Zionist Christian ideology which calls for the Jews return to Palestine , and rebuilding of the temple in order for anti-christ...opps ! I'm sorry "Jesus" to come back.

I have no idea where Hussein stands , is he is a Zionist Christian or not ? perhaps he supports the existence of the satanic state of Israel itself politically , but does not believe Zionist Christianity , if this is his stand then he is the first I've ever met who holds this idea.

"However, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock have no right to be on the Temple Mount either, because, contrary to what Muslims say, the Hadith shows that Prophet Muhammad did not ascended to the seven heavens from there. He actually had a dream that he was in Jerusalem prior to the alleged ascension. Why any Muslim would shed his or her blood over Muhammad’s dream or vision causes me to wonder." 

A clear case of double standard hypocrisy , I have a question.
Hussein rejects the Muslim theological claim about the Aqsa and Dome of the Rock, then on what is he resting the case for whatever he believes should be or was on the temple mount ? mainly how Jesus will rebuild the temple, does he base that belief on historical grounds ? heck no.

If you understood and answered the question , then you will have to conclude that this is double standard hypocrisy.

Now as for the night journey , I will writing a whole article on this in the future inshalla since Hussein and many other Christians claim it was a dream , when the Quran , the evidence and hadith point to 2 conclusions , either a physical assent or a spiritual assent (his spirit left his body) , a "dream" was never a dominant and legitimate argument explaining the night journey itself , for more on this please read.

"Arab countries want this conflict to continue because they benefit financially from the plight of their fellow Arabs in Palestine and Lebanon refugee camps." 

Or because their "leaders" sold out.

Has Hussein ever been into a refugee camp ? No state can make money out of those settlements , I actually live near them so I know what they are exactly.

"Islam and Muslims claim the victim status for a reason." 

I hope Hussein provides that reason so we can discuss it , and we are victims of what exactly ?

"From the widely known claim that Christians and Jews removed references to Prophet Muhammad in the Bible" 

True , Christians and Jews altered their scriptures in various ways , from Jews altering their scriptures to deny that a gentile prophet will be sent (because of their racist belief that they are some kind of "chosen people") all the way to Christians claiming that "That Prophet" who is mentioned in the bible is some holy spirit who guides them , lives inside them or whatever.

"to Muslims being “randomly” screened at airports." 

Actually they are being upfront about it , there is nothing "random" in it , anyone who has been in the small white room in the back of JFK airport knows exactly what I mean .

"Lastly, non-Palestinian Arabs do not want this conflict to end because they do not want the world to look at the Islamic ideology a fresh."
This is so absurd I have no response to such ignorance , what is the evidence for this ? I would love to find a historian or a political scientist that backs up this theory.

"Had this conflict not being constantly in the news, the debate would have shifted to the prophethood of Muhammad, the infallibility of the Qur’an and the legitimacy of the Islamic ideology. The cracks in the Crescent would have been carefully scrutinized."
As if these topics haven't been discussed in the past and will be discussed in the future , in fact we welcome these discussions as the Quran says :
Say: "Produce your proof if ye are truthful."
"Non-Muslims would not have been buying into the current propaganda that essentially misleads the masses to focus only on the first 12 years of Islam and ignore the last 10 years which defines authentic Islam."
First of all Muslims are not ashamed of the of the prophet hood of Muhammad (pbuh) , because it all defines authentic Islam , no Muslims solely focuses on the first 13 years or the last 10 , they see the Islam holistically in the light of all 23 years , not as 2 different phases as anti-islamic propaganda wants it to be.

In reality , the Meccan period focused on ethics and spirituality because it is the foundation of Islam , while the Maddinan period without neglecting ethics and spirituality focused on other issues as well like state laws and politics , both periods are authentic Islam weather Hussein likes it or not.

"We should start asking tough questions for the sake of peace in Palestine."

A person who supports the satanic state of Israel and still calls for peace in Palestine ? that has got to be the biggest contradiction I have ever seen ! No supporter of the satanic state of Israel wants peace with the Palestinians or peace in Palestine , they want "peace for the Jews" in the "Jewish state of Israel" with Palestinians either destroyed or out of the "promised land".
"Hopefully, with the end of this conflict, the right questions about Islam will be asked."
We all want this conflict to end , but this does not prevent anyone from asking questions about Islam.

Quoting Zayd from the comment section of Hussein's original article :
It is clear that it’s you Hussein who want not only the conflict not to finish but Islam to disapear, not only from Palestine so that “the Second Coming of Jesus Christ does NOT depend on the rebuilding of the Temple on the Temple Mount” but from the entire planet. What civility and tolerance ..
I totally agree.

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